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XmIsMotifWMRunning(library call)				 XmIsMotifWMRunning(library call)

       XmIsMotifWMRunning -- A function that determines whether the window manager is running

       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       Boolean XmIsMotifWMRunning(
       Widget shell);

       XmIsMotifWMRunning  lets  a  user  know	whether  the Motif Window Manager is running on a
       screen that contains a specific widget hierarchy.  This function first  sees  whether  the
       _MOTIF_WM_INFO property is present on the root window of the shell's screen. If it is, its
       window field is used to query for the presence of the specified window as a child of root.

       shell	 Specifies the shell whose screen will be tested for mwm's presence.

       Returns True if MWM is running.

								 XmIsMotifWMRunning(library call)
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