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SSL_free(3)				     OpenSSL				      SSL_free(3)

       SSL_free - free an allocated SSL structure

	#include <openssl/ssl.h>

	void SSL_free(SSL *ssl);

       SSL_free() decrements the reference count of ssl, and removes the SSL structure pointed to
       by ssl and frees up the allocated memory if the reference count has reached 0.

       SSL_free() also calls the free()ing procedures for indirectly affected items, if
       applicable: the buffering BIO, the read and write BIOs, cipher lists specially created for
       this ssl, the SSL_SESSION.  Do not explicitly free these indirectly freed up items before
       or after calling SSL_free(), as trying to free things twice may lead to program failure.

       The ssl session has reference counts from two users: the SSL object, for which the
       reference count is removed by SSL_free() and the internal session cache. If the session is
       considered bad, because SSL_shutdown(3) was not called for the connection and
       SSL_set_shutdown(3) was not used to set the SSL_SENT_SHUTDOWN state, the session will also
       be removed from the session cache as required by RFC2246.

       SSL_free() does not provide diagnostic information.

       SSL_new(3), SSL_clear(3), SSL_shutdown(3), SSL_set_shutdown(3), ssl(3)

1.0.1e					    2013-02-11				      SSL_free(3)
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