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       XGetExtensionVersion - query the version of the input extension.

       #include <X11/extensions/XInput.h>

       XExtensionVersion *XGetExtensionVersion( Display *display,
						char *name);

	      Specifies the connection to the X server.

	      Specifies the extension to be queried. The input
	      extension name is definedin the header file XI.h.

	   The XGetExtensionVersion request is deprecated and should not
	   be used in XI2 applications. Clients issuing a XGetExtensionVersion
	   request will not be able to use XI2 features.

	   The XGetExtensionVersion request queries the version of the input
	   extension, and returns an XExtensionVersion structure. This structure
	   contains a major_version and minor_version number which can be compared
	   with constants defined in XI.h. Support for additional protocol
	   requests added to the input extension after its initial release
	   is indicated by a version number corresponding to the added
	   requests. Each version contains all the protocol requests
	   contained by previous versions.

	   You should use XFree to free the XExtensionVersion structure.

	   This request returns an XExtensionVersion structure.

	   typedef struct {
	       int present;
	       short major_version;
	       short minor_version;
	   } XExtensionVersion;

					    03/09/2013			  XGETEXTENSIONVERSION(3)
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