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xkbbell(1)									       xkbbell(1)

       xkbbell - XKB extension user utility

       xkbbell [-display <dpy>] [-synch] [-dev <id>] [-force] [-nobeep] [-bf <id>] [-kf <id>] [-v
       <volume>] [-w <id>] [-help|-version]

       user utility

       -display <dpy>
	       specifies which display to use

       -synch  turns on synchronization

       -dev <id>
	       specifies which device to use

       -force  force audible bell

       -nobeep suppress server bell, event only

       -bf <id>
	       specifies which bell feedback to use

       -kf <id>
	       specifies which keyboard feedback to use

       -v <volume>
	       specifies which volume to use

       -w <id> specifies which	window to use

       -help   print list of options and exit

	       print program version and exit

       If neither device nor feedback are specified, xkbbell uses the default values for the core
       keyboard device.

X Version 11				  xkbutils 1.0.4			       xkbbell(1)
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