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       cd-create-profile - Color Manager Profile Creation Tool

       cd-create-profile [ --verbose ]

       This manual page documents briefly the cd-create-profile command.

       cd-create-profile allows an administrator to create ICC profiles on thier system.

       This  program  follows  the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with
       two dashes (`-'). A summary of options is included below.

       --help Show summary of options.

       --description (optional)
	      Sets the profile description.

       --copyright (optional)
	      Sets the profile copyright.

       --model (optional)
	      Sets the profile model.

       --manufacturer (optional)
	      Sets the profile manufacturer.

	      Specifies a comma seporated values file that is used for the named color.

	      The      format	   of	   the	    CSV      file      must	  be	   "Color

	      Specifies the output ICC filename.

       --nc-prefix (optional)
	      Specifies the named color palette prefix.

       --nc-suffix (optional)
	      Specifies the named color palette suffix.

       This manual page was written by Richard Hughes <richard@hughsie.com>.

					   8 April,1011 		     CD-CREATE-PROFILE(1)
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