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GLIB-GENMARSHAL(1)				    User Commands				   GLIB-GENMARSHAL(1)

glib-genmarshal - C code marshaller generation utility for GLib closures
glib-genmarshal [OPTION...] [FILE...]
glib-genmarshal is a small utility that generates C code marshallers for callback functions of the GClosure mechanism in the GObject sublibrary of GLib. The marshaller functions have a standard signature, they get passed in the invoking closure, an array of value structures holding the callback function parameters and a value structure for the return value of the callback. The marshaller is then responsible to call the respective C code function of the closure with all the parameters on the stack and to collect its return value. glib-genmarshal takes a list of marshallers to generate as input. The marshaller list is either read from standard input or from files passed as additional arguments on the command line. Marshaller list format The marshaller lists are processed line by line, a line can contain a comment in the form of # this is a comment or a marshaller specification of the form RTYPE:PTYPE RTYPE:PTYPE,PTYPE RTYPE:PTYPE,PTYPE,PTYPE (up to 16 PTYPEs may be present). The RTYPE part specifies the callback's return type and the PTYPEs right to the colon specify the callback's parameter list, except for the first and the last arguments which are always pointers. Parameter types Currently, the following types are supported: VOID indicates no return type, or no extra parameters. If VOID is used as the parameter list, no additional parameters may be present. BOOLEAN for boolean types (gboolean) CHAR for signed char types (gchar) UCHAR for unsigned char types (guchar) INT for signed integer types (gint) UINT for unsigned integer types (guint) LONG for signed long integer types (glong) ULONG for unsigned long integer types (gulong) INT64 for signed 64bit integer types (gint64) UINT64 for unsigned 64bit integer types (guint64) ENUM for enumeration types (gint) FLAGS for flag enumeration types (guint) FLOAT for single-precision float types (gfloat) DOUBLE for double-precision float types (gdouble) STRING for string types (gchar*) BOXED for boxed (anonymous but reference counted) types (GBoxed*) PARAM for GParamSpec or derived types (GParamSpec*) POINTER for anonymous pointer types (gpointer) OBJECT for GObject or derived types (GObject*) VARIANT for GVariant types (GVariant*) NONE deprecated alias for VOID BOOL deprecated alias for BOOLEAN
--header Generate header file contents of the marshallers. --body Generate C code file contents of the marshallers. --prefix=PREFIX Specify marshaller prefix. The default prefix is `g_cclosure_marshal'. --skip-source Skip source location remarks in generated comments. --stdinc Use the standard marshallers of the GObject library, and include gmarshal.h in generated header files. --nostdinc Do not use the standard marshallers of the GObject library, and skip gmarshal.h include directive in generated header files. --internal Mark generated functions as internal, using G_GNUC_INTERNAL. --valist-marshallers Generate valist marshallers, for use with g_signal_set_va_marshaller(). -v, --version Print version information. --g-fatal-warnings Make warnings fatal, that is, exit immediately once a warning occurs. -h, --help Print brief help and exit. -v, --version Print version and exit.
To generate marshallers for the following callback functions: void foo (gpointer data1, gpointer data2); void bar (gpointer data1, gint param1, gpointer data2); gfloat baz (gpointer data1, gboolean param1, guchar param2, gpointer data2); The marshaller.list file has to look like this: VOID:VOID VOID:INT FLOAT:BOOLEAN,UCHAR and you call glib-genmarshal like this: glib-genmarshal --header marshaller.list > marshaller.h glib-genmarshal --body marshaller.list > marshaller.c The generated marshallers have the arguments encoded in their function name. For this particular list, they are g_cclosure_user_marshal_VOID__VOID(), g_cclosure_user_marshal_VOID__INT(), g_cclosure_user_marshal_FLOAT__BOOLEAN_UCHAR(). They can be used directly for GClosures or be passed in as the GSignalCMarshaller c_marshaller; argument upon creation of signals: GClosure *cc_foo, *cc_bar, *cc_baz; cc_foo = g_cclosure_new (NULL, foo, NULL); g_closure_set_marshal (cc_foo, g_cclosure_user_marshal_VOID__VOID); cc_bar = g_cclosure_new (NULL, bar, NULL); g_closure_set_marshal (cc_bar, g_cclosure_user_marshal_VOID__INT); cc_baz = g_cclosure_new (NULL, baz, NULL); g_closure_set_marshal (cc_baz, g_cclosure_user_marshal_FLOAT__BOOLEAN_UCHAR);
glib-mkenums(1) GObject GLIB-GENMARSHAL(1)
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