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Mail::DKIM::PublicKey(3)       User Contributed Perl Documentation	 Mail::DKIM::PublicKey(3)

   fetch() - retrieve a public key record from DNS
	 my $public_key = Mail::DKIM::PublicKey->fetch(
			     Protocol => "dns",
			     Selector => "brisbane",
			     Domain => "example.com",

       If the public key is found, a Mail::DKIM::PublicKey object is returned, representing the
       information found in DNS.  If the public key does not exist in DNS, then "undef" is
       returned.  If a DNS error occurs while fetching the key, then this method will "die".  If
       the public key was found, but is not valid (e.g. it is "revoked"), then this method will

   granularity() - get or set the granularity (g=) field
	 my $g = $public_key->granularity;


       Granularity of the key. The value must match the Local-part of the effective "i=" tag of
       the DKIM-Signature header field.  The granularity is a literal value, or a pattern with a
       single '*' wildcard character that matches zero or more characters.

       If no granularity is defined, then the default value, '*', will be returned.

perl v5.16.3				    2010-01-23			 Mail::DKIM::PublicKey(3)
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