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CPUPOWER(1)				 cpupower Manual			      CPUPOWER(1)

       cpupower - Shows and sets processor power related values

       cpupower [ -c cpulist ] <command> [ARGS]

       cpupower -v|--version

       cpupower -h|--help

       cpupower   is  a  collection of tools to examine and tune power saving related features of
       your processor.

       The manpages of the commands (cpupower-<command>(1)) provide detailed descriptions of sup-
       ported features. Run cpupower help to get an overview of supported commands.

       --help, -h
	   Shows supported commands and general usage.

       --cpu cpulist,  -c cpulist
	   Only  show or set values for specific cores.  This option is not supported by all com-
	   mands, details can be found in the manpages of the commands.

	   Some commands access all cores (typically the *-set commands),  some  only  the  first
	   core (typically the *-info commands) by default.

	   The	syntax	for  <cpulist>	is based on how the kernel exports CPU bitmasks via sysfs
	   files. Some examples:

	       Input	       Equivalent to

	       all	       all cores

	       0-3	       0,1,2,3

	       0-7:2	       0,2,4,6

	       1,3,5-7	       1,3,5,6,7

	       0-3:2,8-15:4    0,2,8,12

       --version,  -v
	   Print the package name and version number.

       cpupower-set(1), cpupower-info(1), cpupower-idle(1), cpupower-frequency-set(1),	cpupower-
       frequency-info(1), cpupower-monitor(1), powertop(1)

       --perf-bias parts written by Len Brown <len.brown@intel.com>
       Thomas Renninger <trenn@suse.de>

					    07/03/2011				      CPUPOWER(1)
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