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QGfxDriverFactory(3qt)													    QGfxDriverFactory(3qt)

QGfxDriverFactory - Creates QScreen objects for Qt/Embedded
#include <qgfxdriverfactory_qws.h> Static Public Members <li class=fn>QStringList keys () <li class=fn>QScreen * create ( const QString & key, int displayId )
The QGfxDriverFactory class creates QScreen objects for Qt/Embedded. The graphics driver factory creates a QScreen object for a given key with QGfxDriverFactory::create(key). The drivers are either built-in or dynamically loaded from a driver plugin (see QGfxDriverPlugin). QGfxDriverFactory::keys() returns a list of valid keys. Qt currently ships with "LinuxFb". This class is only available in Qt/Embedded.
QScreen * QGfxDriverFactory::create ( const QString & key, int displayId ) [static] Creates a QScreen object of a type that matches key, and with the ID, displayId. The QScreen object returned may be from a built-in driver, or from a driver plugin. See also keys(). QStringList QGfxDriverFactory::keys () [static] Returns the list of keys this factory can create drivers for. See also create().
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