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MAPITEST(1)			     OpenChange Users' Manual			      MAPITEST(1)

       mapitest - OpenChange torture test utility

       mapitest [-?|--help] [--usage] [-f|--database=STRING] [-p|--profile=STRING]
	 [-p|--password=STRING] [--confidential] [--color] [--subunit]
	 [-o|--outfile=STRING] [--mapi-calls=STRING] [--list-all] [--no-server]
	 [--dump-data] [-d|--debuglevel=STRING]

       mapitest  is  a	test  harness  /  utility used for verifying correct operation of various
       ExchangeRPC calls / MAPI functions provided by the OpenChange MAPI libraries.

       mapitest is not normally required by users, but you may be asked to provide the output  of
       mapitest for some kinds of bug investigations.

       Note  that  mapitest  performs  a lot of transactions, including deleting folders and mes-
       sages. Unless you're very familiar with mapitest, we recommend only using it with  a  test


       -f     Set the path to the profile database to use


       -p     Set  the profile to use. If no profile is specified, mapitest tries to retrieve the
	      default profile in the database. If no  default  profile	has  been  set,  mapitest
	      returns MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND .


       -P     Specify the password for the profile to use. This can be omitted if the password is
	      stored in the profile.

	      Remove any sensitive data from the report.

	      Use colors to indicate the results of each operation.

	      Produce output in subunit protocol format, instead of the normal text output.  This
	      disables	colored output. Note that availability of this option depends on suitable
	      libraries being available at build time, so check availability  before  relying  on


       -o     Redirect	the  output of the tests to a file. The filename must be specified as the
	      argument to this option.

	      Run a specific test. The name of the test must be specified as the argument to this
	      option.  See  the  --list-all  option  to obtain the name of the test.  This can be
	      specified more than once in order to run a subset of tests.  This can also be  used
	      to run a "suite" of tests, by appending "-ALL" to the name of the suite.

	      Provide  a  list of all test suites and test names, along with a description of the
	      test. No tests will be run.

	      Only run tests that do not require a server connection. This is the  default  if	a
	      connection to the server cannot be established.

	      Dump the hex data. This is only required for debugging or educational purposes.


       -d     Set the debug level.

       Run all tests

       Only run two specific tests
       mapitest --mapi-calls=NOSERVER-SROWSET --mapi-calls=OXCPRPT-GET-PROPS

       Run all the NSPI tests
       mapitest --mapi-calls=NSPI-ALL

       If  you	are using the default profile database path and have set a default profile (using
       mapiprofile --profile=profile_name -S ) you do not need to specify these parameters on the
       command line.

       mapitest  was written by Julien Kerihuel <j.kerihuel at openchange dot org> with contribu-
       tions from other OpenChange developers.

       This man page was written by Brad Hards <bradh at openchange dot org>

OpenChange 2.0 QUADRANT 		    2013-01-24				      MAPITEST(1)
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