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moggsplit(1)									     moggsplit(1)

       moggsplit - split Ogg logical streams

       moggsplit filename ...

       moggsplit  splits  a multiplexed Ogg stream into separate files. For example, it can sepa-
       rate an OGM into separate Ogg DivX and Ogg Vorbis streams, or a chained	Ogg  Vorbis  file
       into two separate files.

	      Use the supplied extension when generating new files; the default is ogg.

	      Use the supplied pattern when generating new files. This is a Python keyword format
	      string with three variables, base for the original file's base name, stream for the
	      stream's serial number, and ext for the extension give by --extension.
	      The default is %(base)s-%(stream)d.%(ext)s.

       --m3u  Generate	an  m3u  playlist along with the newly generated files.  Useful for large
	      chained Oggs.

       Joe Wreschnig

					  Nov 14th, 2009			     moggsplit(1)
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