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PLTOTF(1)										PLTOTF(1)

       pltotf - convert property list files to TeX font metric (tfm) format

       pltotf [-verbose] pl_file_name[.pl] [tfm_file_name[.tfm]]

       This  manual page is not meant to be exhaustive.  The complete documentation for this ver-
       sion of TeX can be found in the info file or manual Web2C: A TeX implementation.

       The pltotf program translates a (human-oriented) property list  file  to  a  (program-ori-
       ented) TeX font metric file. Thus, after editing the property list file, a TFM file can be
       generated for use with, for example, tex(1).

       The pl_file_name is extended with .pl if it lacks a suffix. No path searching is done.

       If no tfm_file_name is given, the basename of pl_file_name with suffix .tfm is used;  oth-
       erwise tfm_file_name is extended with .tfm if it lacks a suffix.

       Without	the  -verbose  option,	pltotf operates silently.  With it, a banner and progress
       report are printed on stdout.

       Donald E. Knuth, TeX for nroffware.
       Donald E. Knuth, The Metafontbook, (Volume C of Computers and  Typesetting),  Addison-Wes-
       ley, 1986, ISBN 0-201-13445-4.

       Donald E. Knuth wrote the program. It was published as part of the TeX for nroffware tech-
       nical report, available from the TeX Users  Group.   Howard  Trickey,  Pavel  Curtis,  and
       Richard Furuta originally ported it to Unix.

Web2C 2012				 27 December 1992				PLTOTF(1)
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