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CentOS 7.0 - man page for xiqueryversion (centos section 3)


XIQueryVersion - announce and query the support XI2 version.
#include <X11/extensions/XInput2.h> Status XIQueryVersion( Display *display, int *major_version_inout, int *minor_version_inout); display Specifies the connection to the X server. major_version_inout Specifies the client's supported XI2 version, and returns the server's supported version. minor_version_inout Specifies the client's supported XI2 version, and returns the server's supported version.
XIQueryVersion announces the client's supported XI2 version to the server and returns server's supported X Input version. Clients are required to use XIQueryVersion instead of XGetExtensionVersion if they use XI2 calls. The server may treat a client differently depending on the supported version announced by the client. The major_version_inout must be 2 or greater, otherwise a BadValue error occurs. If the server does not support XI2, XIQueryVersion returns BadRequest to the client. Otherwise, XIQueryVersion returns Success. In both cases major_version_inout and minor_version_inout are set to the server's supported version. Consecutive calls to XIQueryVersion by the same client always return the first returned major.minor version. If the client requests a version lower than the first returned major.minor version in a subsequent call, a BadValue error occurs. XIQueryVersion can generate a BadValue error.
int rc; int major = 2; int minor = 0; rc = XIQueryVersion(dpy, &major, &minor); if (rc == Success) printf("XI2 supported. (%d.%d)\n", major, minor); else if (rc == BadRequest) printf("No XI2 support. (%d.%d only)\n", major, minor); else printf("Internal error\n");
BadValue A value is outside of the permitted range. 03/09/2013 XIQUERYVERSION(3)

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