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       XIQueryVersion - announce and query the support XI2 version.

       #include <X11/extensions/XInput2.h>

       Status XIQueryVersion( Display *display,
			      int *major_version_inout,
			      int *minor_version_inout);

	      Specifies the connection to the X server.

	      Specifies the client's supported XI2 version, and
	      returns the server's supported version.

	      Specifies the client's supported XI2 version, and
	      returns the server's supported version.

	   XIQueryVersion announces the client's supported XI2 version to
	   the server and returns server's supported X Input version. Clients
	   are required to use XIQueryVersion instead of XGetExtensionVersion
	   if they use XI2 calls. The server may treat a client differently
	   depending on the supported version announced by the client.
	   The major_version_inout must be 2 or greater, otherwise a BadValue
	   error occurs.

	   If the server does not support XI2, XIQueryVersion returns BadRequest
	   to the client. Otherwise, XIQueryVersion returns Success. In both
	   cases major_version_inout and minor_version_inout are set to the
	   server's supported version.

	   Consecutive calls to XIQueryVersion by the same client always return the
	   first returned major.minor version. If the client requests a version
	   lower than the first returned major.minor version in a subsequent call, a
	   BadValue error occurs.

	   XIQueryVersion can generate a BadValue error.

	   int rc;
	   int major = 2;
	   int minor = 0;

	   rc = XIQueryVersion(dpy, &major, &minor);
	   if (rc == Success)
	       printf("XI2 supported. (%d.%d)\n", major, minor);
	   else if (rc == BadRequest)
	       printf("No XI2 support. (%d.%d only)\n", major, minor);
	       printf("Internal error\n");

		  A value is outside of the permitted range.

					    03/09/2013				XIQUERYVERSION(3)
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