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CentOS 7.0 - man page for papi_read_ts (centos section 3)

PAPI_read_ts(3) 					 PAPI					      PAPI_read_ts(3)

PAPI_read_ts - Read hardware counters with a timestamp.
Detailed Description C Interface: #include <papi.h> int PAPI_read_ts(int EventSet, long long *values, long long *cycles ); PAPI_read_ts() copies the counters of the indicated event set into the provided array. It also places a real- time cycle timestamp into the cycles array. The counters continue counting after the read. PAPI_read_ts() assumes an initialized PAPI library and a properly added event set. Parameters: EventSet -- an integer handle for a PAPI Event Set as created by PAPI_create_eventset() *values -- an array to hold the counter values of the counting events *cycles -- an array to hold the timestamp values Return values: PAPI_EINVAL One or more of the arguments is invalid. PAPI_ESYS A system or C library call failed inside PAPI, see the errno variable. PAPI_ENOEVST The event set specified does not exist. Examples * See Also: PAPI_read PAPI_accum PAPI_start PAPI_stop PAPI_reset Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for PAPI from the source code. Version Tue Jun 17 2014 PAPI_read_ts(3)

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