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XmTrackingEvent(library call)					    XmTrackingEvent(library call)

       XmTrackingEvent -- A Toolkit function that provides a modal interaction

       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       Widget XmTrackingEvent(
       Widget widget,
       Cursor cursor,
       Boolean confine_to,
       XEvent *event_return);

       XmTrackingEvent	provides  a modal interface for selection of a component.  It is intended
       to  support  context   help.    The   function	calls	the   XmUpdateDisplay	function.
       XmTrackingEvent	then  grabs  the  pointer and discards succeeding events until BSelect is
       released or a key is pressed and then released.	The function then returns the  widget  or
       gadget  that  contains  the  pointer  when  BSelect  is released or a key is released, and
       ungrabs the pointer.

       widget	 Specifies the widget ID of a widget to use as the basis of  the  modal  interac-
		 tion.	That  is,  the	widget within which the interaction must occur, usually a
		 top-level shell.

       cursor	 Specifies the cursor to be used for the pointer during the interaction.  This is
		 a standard X cursor name.

		 Specifies whether or not the cursor should be confined to widget.

		 Returns  the  ButtonRelease  or  KeyRelease  event  that  causes the function to

       Returns the widget or gadget that contains the pointer when BSelect is released or  a  key
       is released. If no widget or gadget contains the pointer, the function returns NULL.


								    XmTrackingEvent(library call)
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