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APLAYMIDI(1)									     APLAYMIDI(1)

       aplaymidi - play Standard MIDI Files

       aplaymidi -p client:port[,...] [-d delay] midifile ...

       aplaymidi  is  a command-line utility that plays the specified MIDI file(s) to one or more
       ALSA sequencer ports.

       -h, --help
	      Prints a list of options.

       -V, --version
	      Prints the current version.

       -l, --list
	      Prints a list of possible output ports.

       -p, --port=client:port,...
	      Sets the sequencer port(s) to which the events in the MIDI file(s) are sent.

	      A client can be specified by its number, its name, or a prefix of its name. A  port
	      is specified by its number; for port 0 of a client, the ":0" part of the port spec-
	      ification can be omitted.

	      Multiple ports can be specified to allow playback  of  MIDI  file(s)  that  contain
	      events for multiple devices (ports), as specified by "Port Number" meta events.

	      For compatibility with pmidi(1), the port specification is taken from the ALSA_OUT-
	      PUT_PORTS environment variable if none is given on the command line.

       -d, --delay=seconds
	      Specifies how long to wait after the end of each MIDI file, to allow the last notes
	      to die away.

       aplaymidi handles "Port Number" meta events, but not "Port Name" meta events.


       Clemens Ladisch <clemens@ladisch.de>

					    2 Nov 2011				     APLAYMIDI(1)
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