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__gnu_cxx::_Relative_pointer_impl< _Tp >(3)	      __gnu_cxx::_Relative_pointer_impl< _Tp >(3)

       __gnu_cxx::_Relative_pointer_impl< _Tp > -

   Public Types
       typedef _Tp element_type

   Public Member Functions
       _Tp * get () const
       bool operator< (const _Relative_pointer_impl &__rarg) const
       bool operator== (const _Relative_pointer_impl &__rarg) const
       void set (_Tp *__arg)

Detailed Description
   template<typename _Tp>class __gnu_cxx::_Relative_pointer_impl< _Tp >
       A storage policy for use with _Pointer_adapter<> which stores the pointer's address as an
       offset value which is relative to its own address.

       This is intended for pointers within shared memory regions which might be mapped at
       different addresses by different processes. For null pointers, a value of 1 is used. (0 is
       legitimate sometimes for nodes in circularly linked lists) This value was chosen as the
       least likely to generate an incorrect null, As there is no reason why any normal pointer
       would point 1 byte into its own pointer address.

       Definition at line 109 of file pointer.h.

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libstdc++				 Tue Jun 10 20__gnu_cxx::_Relative_pointer_impl< _Tp >(3)
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