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PERF-HELP(1)				   perf Manual				     PERF-HELP(1)

       perf-help - display help information about perf

       perf help [-a|--all] [COMMAND]

       With no options and no COMMAND given, the synopsis of the perf command and a list of the
       most commonly used perf commands are printed on the standard output.

       If the option --all or -a is given, then all available commands are printed on the
       standard output.

       If a perf command is named, a manual page for that command is brought up. The man program
       is used by default for this purpose, but this can be overridden by other options or
       configuration variables.

       Note that perf --help ... is identical to perf help ... because the former is internally
       converted into the latter.

       -a, --all
	   Prints all the available commands on the standard output. This option supersedes any
	   other option.

       Part of the perf(1) suite

perf					    06/30/2014				     PERF-HELP(1)
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