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papi_native_avail(1)			       PAPI			     papi_native_avail(1)

       papi_native_avail - papi_native_avail utility.

       file native_avail.c

       papi_native_avail - provides detailed information for PAPI native events.

       papi_native_avail is a PAPI utility program that reports information about the native
       events available on the current platform. A native event is an event specific to a
       specific hardware platform. On many platforms, a specific native event may have a number
       of optional settings. In such cases, the native event and the valid settings are
       presented, rather than every possible combination of those settings. For each native
       event, a name, a description, and specific bit patterns are provided.

       o --help, -h print this help message
       o -d display detailed information about native events
       o -e EVENTNAME display detailed information about named native event
       o -i EVENTSTR include only event names that contain EVENTSTR
       o -x EVENTSTR exclude any event names that contain EVENTSTR
       o --noumasks suppress display of Unit Mask information
       Processor-specific options

       o --darr display events supporting Data Address Range Restriction
       o --dear display Data Event Address Register events only
       o --iarr display events supporting Instruction Address Range Restriction
       o --iear display Instruction Event Address Register events only
       o --opcm display events supporting OpCode Matching
       o --nogroups suppress display of Event grouping information
       There are no known bugs in this utility. If you find a bug, it should be reported to the
       PAPI Mailing List at ptools-perfapi@ptools.org.

Version 			 Tue Jun 17 2014		     papi_native_avail(1)
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