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       ocamlbuild - The OCaml project compilation tool

       ocamlbuild  [  -Is  dir1,...  ] [ -libs lib1,...  ] [ -lflags flag1,...	] [ -pp flags ] [
       -tags tag1,...  ] [ -j  parallel-jobs ] target.native [ -- arg1 arg2 ...  ]

       (same options)

       ocamlbuild(1) orchestrates the compilation process of your OCaml project.  It  is  similar
       in  function  to make(1) except that it is tailor-made to automatically compile most OCaml
       projects with very little user input.

       ocamlbuild should be invoked in the root of a clean project tree (e.g., with  no  leftover
       compilation files).  Given one or more targets to compile, it scans the required subdirec-
       tories to gather information about the  various	files  present,  running  tools  such  as
       ocamldep(1) to extract dependency information, and gathering optional files that fine-tune
       its behaviour.  Target names are very significant.

       ocamlbuild uses a set of target naming conventions to select the kind of objects  to  pro-
       duce.   Target  names are of the form base.extension where base is usually the name of the
       underlying OCaml module and extension denotes the kind of object to produce from that file
       --  a  byte  code  executable, a native executable, documentation...  Of course extensions
       such as .cmo, .cma, .cmi...  map to their usual counterparts.  Here is a list of the  most
       important ocamlbuild-specific extensions:

       .native		   Native code executable

       .byte		   Byte code executable

       .inferred.mli	   Interface inferred with ocamlc-i

       .docdir/index.html  HTML documentation generated with ocamldoc

       The following command-line options are recognized by ocamlbuild(1).

	      Display the version

       -quiet Make as quiet as possible

       -verbose <level>
	      Set the verbose level

	      Show rules and flags

       -log <file>
	      Set log file

	      No log file

       -clean Remove build directory and other files, then exit

       -I <path>
	      Add to include directories

       -Is <path,...>
	      (same as above, but accepts a comma-separated list)

       -X <path>
	      Directory to ignore

       -Xs <path,...>

       -lib <flag>
	      Link to this ocaml library

       -libs <flag,...>

       -lflag <flag>
	      Add to ocamlc link flags

       -lflags <flag,...>

       -cflag <flag>
	      Add to ocamlc compile flags

       -cflags <flag,...>

       -yaccflag <flag>
	      Add to ocamlyacc flags

       -yaccflags <flag,...>

       -lexflag <flag>
	      Add to ocamllex flags

       -lexflags <flag,...>

       -ppflag <flag>
	      Add to ocaml preprocessing flags

       -pp <flag,...>

       -tag <tag>
	      Add to default tags

       -tags <tag,...>

       -ignore <module,...>
	      Don't try to build these modules

	      Don't make links of produced final targets

	      Don't skip modules that are requested by ocamldep but cannot be built

	      Don't apply sanity-check rules

	      Don't build myocamlbuild.ml

	      Don't ignore stdlib modules

	      Just build myocamlbuild.ml

	      Don't use a native plugin but bytecode

	      Do not enforce sanity-check rules

	      Fail if something needs to be rebuilt

	      Display executed commands the old-fashioned way

       -j <N> Allow N jobs at once (0 for unlimited)

       -build-dir <path>
	      Set build directory

       -install-dir <path>
	      Set the install directory

       -where Display the install directory

       -ocamlc <command>
	      Set the OCaml bytecode compiler

       -ocamlopt <command>
	      Set the OCaml native compiler

       -ocamldep <command>
	      Set the OCaml dependency tool

       -ocamlyacc <command>
	      Set the ocamlyacc tool

       -ocamllex <command>
	      Set the ocamllex tool

       -ocamlrun <command>
	      Set the ocamlrun tool

       --     Stop argument processing, remaining arguments are given to the user program

       -help  Display the list of options

       --help Display the list of options

       The ocamlbuild manual, ocaml(1), make(1).
       The OCaml user's manual, chapter Batch compilation .

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