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       ares_getnameinfo - Address-to-nodename translation in protocol-independent manner

       #include <ares.h>

       typedef void (*ares_nameinfo_callback)(void *arg, int status,
       int timeouts, char *node, char *service)

       void ares_getnameinfo(ares_channel channel, const struct sockaddr *sa,
	    ares_socklen_t salen, int flags, ares_nameinfo_callback callback,
	    void *arg)

       The ares_getnameinfo function is defined for protocol-independent address translation. The
       function is a combination of ares_gethostbyaddr(3) and getservbyport(3). The function will
       translate the address either by executing a host query on the name service channel identi-
       fied by channel or it will attempt to resolve it locally if possible.  The  parameters  sa
       and  len  give  the  address as a sockaddr structure, and flags gives the options that the
       function will use.  Valid flags are listed below:

       ARES_NI_NOFQDN	  Only the nodename portion of the FQDN is returned for local hosts.

			  The numeric form of the hostname is returned rather than the name.

       ARES_NI_NAMEREQD   An error is returned if the hostname cannot be found in the DNS.

			  The numeric form of the service is returned rather than the name.

       ARES_NI_TCP	  The service name is to be looked up for the TCP protocol.

       ARES_NI_UDP	  The service name is to be looked up for the UDP protocol.

       ARES_NI_SCTP	  The service name is to be looked up for the SCTP protocol.

       ARES_NI_DCCP	  The service name is to be looked up for the DCCP protocol.

			  The numeric form of the scope ID is returned rather than the name.

       ARES_NI_LOOKUPHOST A hostname lookup is being requested.

			  A service name lookup is being requested.

       When the query is complete or has failed, the ares library will invoke callback.   Comple-
       tion  or failure of the query may happen immediately, or may happen during a later call to
       ares_process(3), ares_destroy(3) or ares_cancel(3).

       The callback argument arg is copied from the ares_getnameinfo argument arg.  The  callback
       argument  status indicates whether the query succeeded and, if not, how it failed.  It may
       have any of the following values:

       ARES_SUCCESS	  The host lookup completed successfully.

       ARES_ENOTIMP	  The ares library does not know how to look up addresses of type family.

       ARES_ENOTFOUND	  The address addr was not found.

       ARES_ENOMEM	  Memory was exhausted.

       ARES_ECANCELLED	  The query was cancelled.

       ARES_EDESTRUCTION  The name service channel channel is being destroyed; the query will not
			  be completed.

       ARES_EBADFLAGS	  The flags parameter contains an illegal value.

       The  callback argument timeouts reports how many times a query timed out during the execu-
       tion of the given request.

       On successful completion of the query, the callback argument node contains a string repre-
       senting	the  hostname  (assuming ARES_NI_LOOKUPHOST was specified). Additionally, service
       contains a string representing the service name (assuming ARES_NI_LOOKUPSERVICE was speci-
       fied).	If  the  query	did  not  complete  successfully,  or  one  of the values was not
       requested, node or service will be NULL.

       ares_process(3), ares_getaddrinfo(3)

       Dominick Meglio
       Copyright 2005 by Dominick Meglio.

					    1 May 2009			      ARES_GETNAMEINFO(3)
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