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PAPI_reset(3)				       PAPI				    PAPI_reset(3)

       PAPI_reset -

       Reset the hardware event counts in an event set.

Detailed Description
       @par C Prototype:
	       int PAPI_reset( int EventSet );

       @param EventSet
	   an integer handle for a PAPI event set as created by PAPI_create_eventset

       @retval PAPI_OK
       @retval PAPI_ESYS
	   A system or C library call failed inside PAPI, see the errno variable.
       @retval PAPI_ENOEVST
	   The EventSet specified does not exist.

       PAPI_reset() zeroes the values of the counters contained in EventSet.
       This call assumes an initialized PAPI library and a properly added event set

       @par Example:

       int EventSet = PAPI_NULL;
       int Events[] = {PAPI_TOT_INS, PAPI_FP_OPS};
       int ret;

       // Create an empty EventSet
       ret = PAPI_create_eventset(&EventSet);
       if (ret != PAPI_OK) handle_error(ret);

       // Add two events to our EventSet
       ret = PAPI_add_events(EventSet, Events, 2);
       if (ret != PAPI_OK) handle_error(ret);

       // Start counting
       ret = PAPI_start(EventSet);
       if (ret != PAPI_OK) handle_error(ret);

       // Stop counting, ignore values
       ret = PAPI_stop(EventSet, NULL);
       if (ret != PAPI_OK) handle_error(ret);

       // reset the counters in this EventSet
       ret = PAPI_reset(EventSet);
       if (ret != PAPI_OK) handle_error(ret);

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