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XmStringNCopy(library call)					      XmStringNCopy(library call)

       XmStringNCopy -- A compound string function that creates a copy of a compound string

       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       XmString XmStringNCopy(
       XmString s1,
       int num_bytes);

       This function is obsolete and exists for compatibility with previous releases.  XmStringN-
       Copy creates a copy of s1 that contains a  specified  number  of  bytes,  including  tags,
       directional indicators, and separators. It then returns the resulting compound string. The
       original strings are preserved.	The function allocates space for the  resulting  compound
       string.	The application is responsible for managing the allocated space.  The application
       can recover the allocated space by calling XmStringFree.

       s1	 Specifies the compound string.

       num_bytes Specifies the number of bytes of s1 to copy.  If this value  is  less	than  the
		 length  of  s1,  as  many bytes as possible, but possibly fewer than this value,
		 will be appended to s1 such that the resulting string is still a valid  compound

       Returns a new compound string.

       XmStringCreate(3) and XmStringFree(3).

								      XmStringNCopy(library call)
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