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       ibv_srq_pingpong - simple InfiniBand shared receive queue test

       ibv_srq_pingpong  [-p  port] [-d device] [-i ib port] [-s size] [-q num QPs] [-r rx depth]
       [-n iters] [-l sl] [-e] HOSTNAME

       ibv_srq_pingpong [-p port] [-d device] [-i ib port] [-s size] [-q num QPs] [-r  rx  depth]
       [-n iters] [-l sl] [-e]

       Run  a  simple  ping-pong  test over InfiniBand via the reliable connected (RC) transport,
       using multiple queue pairs (QPs) and a single shared receive queue (SRQ).

       -p, --port=PORT
	      use TCP port PORT for initial synchronization (default 18515)

       -d, --ib-dev=DEVICE
	      use IB device DEVICE (default first device found)

       -i, --ib-port=PORT
	      use IB port PORT (default port 1)

       -s, --size=SIZE
	      ping-pong messages of size SIZE (default 4096)

       -q, --num-qp=NUM
	      use NUM queue pairs for test (default 16)

       -r, --rx-depth=DEPTH
	      post DEPTH receives at a time (default 1000)

       -n, --iters=ITERS
	      perform ITERS message exchanges (default 1000)

       -l, --sl=SL
	      use SL as the service level value of the QPs (default 0)

       -e, --events
	      sleep while waiting for work completion events (default is to poll for completions)

       ibv_rc_pingpong(1), ibv_uc_pingpong(1), ibv_ud_pingpong(1)

       Roland Dreier

       The network synchronization between client and server instances is weak, and does not pre-
       vent  incompatible  options  from  being  used  on the two instances.  The method used for
       retrieving work completions is not strictly correct, and race conditions may  cause  fail-
       ures on some systems.

libibverbs				 August 30, 2005		      IBV_SRQ_PINGPONG(1)
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