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Module::Pluggable::Object(3)   User Contributed Perl Documentation   Module::Pluggable::Object(3)

       Module::Pluggable::Object - automatically give your module the ability to have plugins

       Simple use Module::Pluggable -

	   package MyClass;
	   use Module::Pluggable::Object;

	   my $finder = Module::Pluggable::Object->new(%opts);
	   print "My plugins are: ".join(", ", $finder->plugins)."\n";

       Provides a simple but, hopefully, extensible way of having 'plugins' for your module.
       Obviously this isn't going to be the be all and end all of solutions but it works for me.

       Essentially all it does is export a method into your namespace that looks through a search
       path for .pm files and turn those into class names.

       Optionally it instantiates those classes for you.

       This object is wrapped by "Module::Pluggable". If you want to do something odd or add non-
       general special features you're probably best to wrap this and produce your own subclass.

       See the "Module::Pluggable" docs.

       Simon Wistow <simon@thegestalt.org>

       Copyright, 2006 Simon Wistow

       Distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.

       None known.


perl v5.16.3				    2014-06-09		     Module::Pluggable::Object(3)
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