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SDL_ActiveEvent(3)			SDL API Reference		       SDL_ActiveEvent(3)

       SDL_ActiveEvent - Application visibility event structure

       typedef struct{
	 Uint8 type;
	 Uint8 gain;
	 Uint8 state;
       } SDL_ActiveEvent;

       type		   SDL_ACTIVEEVENT.

       gain		   0 if the event is a loss or 1 if it is a gain.

       state		   SDL_APPMOUSEFOCUS if mouse focus was gained or lost, SDL_APPINPUTFOCUS
			   if input focus was gained or lost, or SDL_APPACTIVE if the application
			   was iconified (gain=0) or restored(gain=1).

       SDL_ActiveEvent	is  a  member  of  the	SDL_Event union and is used when an event of type
       SDL_ACTIVEEVENT is reported.

       When the mouse leaves or enters the window area a SDL_APPMOUSEFOCUS type activation  event
       occurs,	if  the mouse entered the window then gain will be 1, otherwise gain will be 0. A
       SDL_APPINPUTFOCUS type activation event occurs when the application loses  or  gains  key-
       board  focus.  This  usually  occurs  when  another application is made active. Finally, a
       SDL_APPACTIVE type  event  occurs  when	the  application  is  either  minimised/iconified
       (gain=0) or restored.


	      This event does not occur when an application window is first created.

       SDL_Event, SDL_GetAppState

SDL				      Tue 11 Sep 2001, 22:59		       SDL_ActiveEvent(3)
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