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FUNCTION::USER_STRIN(3stap)	  String and data retrieving fun      FUNCTION::USER_STRIN(3stap)

       function::user_string_n_quoted - Retrieves and quotes string from user space


	   the user space address to retrieve the string from

	   the maximum length of the string (if not null terminated)

       Returns up to n characters of a C string from the given user space memory address where
       any ASCII characters that are not printable are replaced by the corresponding escape
       sequence in the returned string. Note that the string will be surrounded by double quotes.
       On the rare cases when userspace data is not accessible at the given address, the address
       itself is returned as a string, without double quotes.

SystemTap Tapset Reference		    June 2014		      FUNCTION::USER_STRIN(3stap)
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