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Gluster(8)							   Gluster Inc. 							Gluster(8)

gluster - Gluster Console Manager (command line utility) SYNOPSIS
gluster To run the program and display gluster prompt: gluster (or) To specify a command directly: gluster [commands] [options] DESCRIPTION
The Gluster Console Manager is a command line utility for elastic volume management. You can run the gluster command on any export server. The command enables administrators to perform cloud operations, such as creating, expanding, shrinking, rebalancing, and migrating volumes without needing to schedule server downtime. COMMANDS
Volume Commands volume info [all|<VOLNAME>] Display information about all volumes, or the specified volume. volume create <NEW-VOLNAME> [device vg] [stripe <COUNT>] [replica <COUNT>] [transport <tcp|rdma|tcp,rdma>] <NEW-BRICK> ... Create a new volume of the specified type using the specified bricks and transport type (the default transport type is tcp). To create a volume with both transports (tcp and rdma), give 'transport tcp,rdma' as an option. device vg parameter specifies volume should use block backend instead of regular posix backend. In this case NEW-BRICK should specify an existing Volume Group and there can be only one brick for Block backend volumes. Refer Block backend section for more details volume delete <VOLNAME> Delete the specified volume. volume start <VOLNAME> Start the specified volume. volume stop <VOLNAME> [force] Stop the specified volume. volume rename <VOLNAME> <NEW-VOLNAME> Rename the specified volume. volume set <VOLNAME> <OPTION> <PARAMETER> [<OPTION> <PARAMETER>] ... Set the volume options. volume help Display help for the volume command. Block backend By specifying "device vg" in volume create, a volume capable of exporting block devices(ie Volume Groups (VG)) is created. As of now exporting only VG is supported. While creating block backend volume the "VG" (mentioned in NEW-BRICK) must exist (ie created with vgcre- ate). VG is exported as a directory and all LVs under that VG will be exported as files. Please refer BD commands section for Block backend related commands Brick Commands volume add-brick <VOLNAME> <NEW-BRICK> ... Add the specified brick to the specified volume. volume remove-brick <VOLNAME> <BRICK> ... Remove the specified brick from the specified volume. Note: If you remove the brick, the data stored in that brick will not be available. You can migrate data from one brick to another using replace-brick option. volume rebalance-brick <VOLNAME>(<BRICK> <NEW-BRICK>) start Start rebalancing the specified volume. volume rebalance <VOLNAME> stop Stop rebalancing the specified volume. volume rebalance <VOLNAME> status Display the rebalance status of the specified volume. volume replace-brick <VOLNAME> (<BRICK> <NEW-BRICK>) start|pause|abort|status|commit Replace the specified brick. Log Commands volume log filename <VOLNAME> [BRICK] <DIRECTORY> Set the log directory for the corresponding volume/brick. volume log locate <VOLNAME> [BRICK] Locate the log file for corresponding volume/brick. volume log rotate <VOLNAME> [BRICK] Rotate the log file for corresponding volume/brick. Peer Commands peer probe <HOSTNAME> Probe the specified peer. peer detach <HOSTNAME> Detach the specified peer. peer status Display the status of peers. peer help Display help for the peer command. BD commands bd create <VOLNAME:/path-to-image> <size> Creates a new image of given size in the volume. Size can be suffixed with MB, GB etc, if nothing specified MB is taken as default. bd delete <VOLNAME:/path-to-image> Deletes a image in the volume bd clone <VOLNAME:/path-to-image> <new-image> Clones an existing image (full clone) bd snapshot <VOLNAME:/path-to-image> <new-image> <size> Creates a linked clone of an existing image with given size. Size can be suffixed with MB, GB etc, if nothing specified MB is taken as default. Other Commands help Display the command options. quit Exit the gluster command line interface. FILES
/var/lib/glusterd/* SEE ALSO
fusermount(1), mount.glusterfs(8), glusterfs(8), glusterd(8) COPYRIGHT
Copyright(c) 2006-2011 Gluster, Inc. <> 22 November 2012 Gluster command line utility Gluster(8)
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