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fribidi_join_arabic(3)		       Programmer's Manual		   fribidi_join_arabic(3)

       fribidi_join_arabic - do Arabic joining

       #include <fribidi.h>

       void fribidi_join_arabic
	    const FriBidiCharType *bidi_types,
	    const FriBidiStrIndex len,
	    const FriBidiLevel *embedding_levels,
	    FriBidiArabicProp *ar_props

       const FriBidiCharType *bidi_types
	      Input list of bidi types as returned by fribidi_get_bidi_types().

	      Possible values for a const FriBidiCharType are as follows:
	      FRIBIDI_TYPE_LTR	Left-To-Right letter.
	      FRIBIDI_TYPE_RTL	Right-To-Left letter.
	      FRIBIDI_TYPE_AL	Arabic Letter.
	      FRIBIDI_TYPE_EN	European Numeral.
	      FRIBIDI_TYPE_AN	Arabic Numeral.
	      FRIBIDI_TYPE_ES	European number Separator.
	      FRIBIDI_TYPE_ET	European number Terminator.
	      FRIBIDI_TYPE_CS	Common Separator.
	      FRIBIDI_TYPE_NSM	Non Spacing Mark.
	      FRIBIDI_TYPE_BN	Boundary Neutral.
	      FRIBIDI_TYPE_BS	Block Separator.
	      FRIBIDI_TYPE_SS	Segment Separator.
	      FRIBIDI_TYPE_WS	WhiteSpace.
	      FRIBIDI_TYPE_ON	Other Neutral.
	      FRIBIDI_TYPE_LRE	Left-to-Right Embedding.
	      FRIBIDI_TYPE_RLE	Right-to-Left Embedding.
	      FRIBIDI_TYPE_LRO	Left-to-Right Override.
	      FRIBIDI_TYPE_RLO	Right-to-Left Override.
	      FRIBIDI_TYPE_PDF	Pop Directional Flag.

       const FriBidiStrIndex len
	      Input string length.

       const FriBidiLevel *embedding_levels
	      Input list of embedding levels, as returned by fribidi_get_par_embedding_levels.

       FriBidiArabicProp *ar_props
	      Arabic  properties  to  analyze,	initilized  by	joining  types,  as  returned  by

       This function does the Arabic joining algorithm.  Means, given Arabic joining types of the
       characters in ar_props (don't worry, FriBidiJoiningType can be casted to FriBidiArabicProp
       automagically), this function modifies this properties to grasp the effect of  neighboring
       characters.  You probably need this information later to do Arabic shaping.

       This  function implements rules R1 to R7 inclusive (all rules) of the Arabic Cursive Join-
       ing algorithm of the Unicode standard as available at http://www.unicode.org/versions/Uni-
       code4.0.0/ch08.pdf#G7462.   It  also interacts correctly with the bidirection algorithm as
       defined in Section
       3.5  Shaping  of  the  Unicode  Bidirectional  Algorithm  available   at   http://www.uni-

       There  are a few macros defined in fribidi-joining-types.h for querying the Arabic proper-
       ties computed by this function.

       fribidi_charset_to_unicode(3),  fribidi_unicode_to_charset(3),	fribidi_parse_charset(3),
       fribidi_shape_arabic(3),    fribidi_get_par_direction(3),   fribidi_get_par_embedding_lev-
       els(3),	fribidi_reorder_line(3),   fribidi_get_bidi_type(3),   fribidi_get_bidi_types(3),
       fribidi_get_bidi_type_name(3),	 fribidi_debug_status(3),    fribidi_mirroring_status(3),
       fribidi_set_mirroring(3),    fribidi_reorder_nsm_status(3),    fribidi_set_reorder_nsm(3),
       fribidi_log2vis_get_embedding_levels(3),    fribidi_get_type(3),   fribidi_get_type_inter-
       nal(3),	fribidi_remove_bidi_marks(3),  fribidi_log2vis(3),   fribidi_get_joining_type(3),
       fribidi_get_joining_types(3),	  fribidi_get_joining_type_name(3),	 fribidi_get_mir-
       ror_char(3), fribidi_shape_mirroring(3), fribidi_shape(3)

GNU FriBidi 0.19.3			  25 August 2012		   fribidi_join_arabic(3)
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