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Parser::Style::Stream(3)       User Contributed Perl Documentation	 Parser::Style::Stream(3)

       XML::Parser::Style::Stream - Stream style for XML::Parser

	 use XML::Parser;
	 my $p = XML::Parser->new(Style => 'Stream', Pkg => 'MySubs');

	   package MySubs;

	   sub StartTag {
	     my ($e, $name) = @_;
	     # do something with start tags

	   sub EndTag {
	     my ($e, $name) = @_;
	     # do something with end tags

	   sub Characters {
	     my ($e, $data) = @_;
	     # do something with text nodes

       This style uses the Pkg option to find subs in a given package to call for each event.  If
       none of the subs that this style looks for is there, then the effect of parsing with this
       style is to print a canonical copy of the document without comments or declarations.  All
       the subs receive as their 1st parameter the Expat instance for the document they're

       It looks for the following routines:

       o   StartDocument

	   Called at the start of the parse .

       o   StartTag

	   Called for every start tag with a second parameter of the element type. The $_
	   variable will contain a copy of the tag and the %_ variable will contain attribute
	   values supplied for that element.

       o   EndTag

	   Called for every end tag with a second parameter of the element type. The $_ variable
	   will contain a copy of the end tag.

       o   Text

	   Called just before start or end tags with accumulated non-markup text in the $_

       o   PI

	   Called for processing instructions. The $_ variable will contain a copy of the PI and
	   the target and data are sent as 2nd and 3rd parameters respectively.

       o   EndDocument

	   Called at conclusion of the parse.

perl v5.16.3				    2011-05-25			 Parser::Style::Stream(3)
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