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hugetlbfs_find_path_for_size(3) [centos man page]

HUGETLBFS_FIND_PATH(3)					     Library Functions Manual					    HUGETLBFS_FIND_PATH(3)

hugetlbfs_find_path, hugetlbfs_find_path_for_size - Locate an appropriate hugetlbfs mount point SYNOPSIS
#include <hugetlbfs.h> const char *hugetlbfs_find_path(void); const char *hugetlbfs_find_path_for_size(long page_size); DESCRIPTION
These functions return a pathname for a mounted hugetlbfs filesystem for the appropriate huge page size. For hugetlbfs_find_path, the default huge page size is used (see gethugepagesize(3)). For hugetlbfs_find_path_for_size, a valid huge page size must be specified (see gethugepagesizes(3)). RETURN VALUE
On success, a non-NULL value is returned. On failure, NULL is returned. SEE ALSO
libhugetlbfs(7), gethugepagesize(3), gethugepagesizes(3) AUTHORS
libhugetlbfs was written by various people on the libhugetlbfs-devel mailing list. March 7, 2012 HUGETLBFS_FIND_PATH(3)

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PAGESIZE(1)						      General Commands Manual						       PAGESIZE(1)

pagesize - Print supported system page sizes SYNOPSIS
pagesize [options] DESCRIPTION
The pagesize utility prints the page sizes of a page of memory in bytes, as returned by getpagesizes(3). This is useful when creating por- table shell scripts, configuring huge page pools with hugeadm or launching applications to use huge pages with hugectl. If no parameters are specified, pagesize prints the system base page size as returned by getpagesize(). The following parameters affect what other pagesizes are displayed. --huge-only, -H Display all huge pages supported by the system as returned by gethugepagesizes(). --all, -a Display all page sizes supported by the system. SEE ALSO
oprofile(1), getpagesize(2), getpagesizes(3), gethugepagesizes(3), hugectl(7), hugeadm(7), libhugetlbfs(7) AUTHORS
libhugetlbfs was written by various people on the libhugetlbfs-devel mailing list. October 10, 2008 PAGESIZE(1)
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