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GRAPHML2GV(1)									    GRAPHML2GV(1)

       graphml2gv - GRAPHML-DOT converter

       graphml2gv [ -?v ] [ -ggname ] [ -ooutfile ] [ files ]

       graphml2gv converts a graph specified in the GRAPHML format to a graph in the GV (formerly
       DOT) format.

       The following options are supported:

       -v     Turns on verbose mode

       -?     Prints usage information and exits.

	      The string gname is used as the name of the generated graph.   If  multiple  graphs
	      are generated, subsequent graphs use the name gname appended with an integer.

	      Prints output to the file outfile. If not given, graphml2gv uses stdout.

	      The following operand is supported:

       files   Names  of  files  containing  1 or more graphs in GRAPHML.  If no files operand is
	       specified, the standard input will be used.

       Return 0 if there were no problems during conversion; and non-zero if any error occurred.

       As both the graph and graphics models of GV and GML differ significantly,  the  conversion
       can  only be at best approximate.  In particular, GV currently has no notion of hyperedges
       or edges containing graphs.

       At present, graphml2gv only supports the basic graph topology. Specifically, the <KEY> and
       <DATA> elements are not handled, though they could be.

       Emden R. Gansner <erg@research.att.com>

       dot(1), libcgraph(3)

					   14 July 2011 			    GRAPHML2GV(1)
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