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XdbeSwapBuffers(3)			   X FUNCTIONS			       XdbeSwapBuffers(3)

       XdbeSwapBuffers - swaps front and back DBE buffers.

       #include <X11/extensions/Xdbe.h>

       Status XdbeSwapBuffers(
	   Display	*dpy,
	   XdbeSwapInfo *swap_info,
	   int		num_windows)

       This  function  swaps  the  front  and  back  buffers for a list of windows.  The argument
       num_windows specifies how many windows are to have their buffers swapped; it is the number
       of  elements  in  the  swap_info  array.  The argument swap_info specifies the information
       needed per window to do the swap.

       The XdbeSwapInfo structure has the following fields:

	    Window	      swap_window
	    XdbeSwapAction    swap_action

       swap_window specifies the window for which to swap  buffers.   swap_action  specifies  the
       swap action to use for this swap_window.

       swap_action  determines	what  will happen to the new back buffer of the swap_window it is
       paired with in the list in addition to making the old back  buffer  become  visible.   The
       defined actions are as follows:

	      The  contents  of the new back buffer become undefined.  This may be the most effi-
	      cient action since it allows the implementation to discard the contents of the buf-
	      fer if it needs to.

	      The  unobscured  region  of the new back buffer will be tiled with the window back-
	      ground.  The background action allows devices to use a fast clear capability during
	      a swap.

	      The unobscured region of the new back buffer will be unmodified by the swap.

	      The  unobscured  region of the new back buffer will be the contents of the old back

	      A non-double-buffered window was specified or a window was specified twice.

	      An invalid window was specified.

	      An invalid swap action was specified.

       DBE,   XdbeAllocateBackBufferName(),   XdbeBeginIdiom(),   XdbeDeallocateBackBufferName(),
       XdbeEndIdiom(),	XdbeFreeVisualInfo(), XdbeGetBackBufferAttributes(), XdbeGetVisualInfo(),

X Version 11				  libXext 1.3.2 		       XdbeSwapBuffers(3)
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