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Tk_AddOption(3) 		      Tk Library Procedures			  Tk_AddOption(3)


       Tk_AddOption - Add an option to the option database

       #include <tk.h>

       Tk_AddOption(tkwin, name, value, priority)

       Tk_Window tkwin (in)			 Token for window.

       const char *name (in)			 Multi-element name of option.

       const char *value (in)			 Value of option.

       int priority (in)			 Overall priority level to use for option.

       This  procedure	is  invoked to add an option to the database associated with tkwin's main
       window.	Name contains the option being specified and consists  of  names  and/or  classes
       separated  by asterisks or dots, in the usual X format.	Value contains the text string to
       associate with name; this value will be returned in calls to Tk_GetOption.  Priority spec-
       ifies  the  priority  of the value; when options are queried using Tk_GetOption, the value
       with the highest priority is returned.  Priority must be between 0 and TK_MAX_PRIO.   Some
       common priority values are:

       20     Used for default values hard-coded into widgets.

       40     Used for options specified in application-specific startup files.

       60     Used  for  options  specified  in user-specific defaults files, such as .Xdefaults,
	      resource databases loaded into the X server, or user-specific startup files.

       80     Used for options specified interactively after the application starts running.

       class, name, option, add

Tk										  Tk_AddOption(3)
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