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XmStringSegmentCreate(library call)			      XmStringSegmentCreate(library call)

       XmStringSegmentCreate -- A compound string function that creates a compound string

       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       XmString XmStringSegmentCreate(
       char * text,
       XmStringTag tag,
       XmStringDirection direction,
       Boolean separator);

       This  function  is obsolete and exists for compatibility with previous releases. It can be
       replaced  by  using  a  combination   of   XmStringComponentCreate   and   XmStringConcat.
       XmStringSegmentCreate is a high-level function that assembles a compound string consisting
       of a font list element tag, a direction component, a text component, and an optional sepa-
       rator component.

       The function allocates space for the returned compound string.  The application is respon-
       sible for managing the allocated space.	The application can recover the  allocated  space
       by calling XmStringFree.

       text	 Specifies  a NULL-terminated string to be used as the text component of the com-
		 pound string.

       tag	 Specifies the	tag  component	to  be	associated  with  the  text.   The  value
		 XmFONTLIST_DEFAULT_TAG is for compatibility with previous releases.

       direction Specifies the direction of the text.

       separator A value of False means the compound string does not have a separator at the end.
		 A value of True, means a separator immediately follows the text component.

       Returns a new compound string.


							      XmStringSegmentCreate(library call)
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