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XVaCreateNestedList(3)			  XLIB FUNCTIONS		   XVaCreateNestedList(3)

       XVaCreateNestedList - allocate a nested variable argument list

       typedef void * XVaNestedList;

       XVaNestedList XVaCreateNestedList(int dummy, ...);

       dummy	 Specifies an unused argument (required by ANSI C).

       ...	 Specifies the variable length argument list.

       The XVaCreateNestedList function allocates memory and copies its arguments into a single
       list pointer, which may be used as a value for arguments requiring a list value.  Any
       entries are copied as specified.  Data passed by reference is not copied; the caller must
       ensure data remains valid for the lifetime of the nested list.  The list should be freed
       using XFree when it is no longer needed.

       Xlib - C Language X Interface

X Version 11				   libX11 1.6.0 		   XVaCreateNestedList(3)
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