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XkbLookupKeySym(3)			  XKB FUNCTIONS 		       XkbLookupKeySym(3)

       XkbLookupKeySym - Find the symbol associated with a key for a particular state

       Bool  XkbLookupKeySym  (Display	*dpy,  KeyCode	key,  unsigned	int  state,  unsigned int
	      *mods_rtrn, KeySym *sym_rtrn);

       - dpy  connection to X server

       - key  key for which symbols are to be found

       - state
	      state for which symbol should be found

       - mods_rtrn
	      backfilled with unconsumed modifiers

       - sym_rtrn
	      backfilled with symbol associated with key + state

       XkbLookupKeySym is the equivalent of the core XLookupKeySym function. For  the  core  key-
       board,  given  a  keycode  key  and an Xkb state state, XkbLookupKeySym returns the symbol
       associated with the key in sym_rtrn and the list of modifiers that should still be applied
       in  mods_rtrn.	The  state  parameter  is  the state from a KeyPress or KeyRelease event.
       XkbLookupKeySym returns True if it succeeds.


X Version 11				   libX11 1.6.0 		       XkbLookupKeySym(3)
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