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Font::TTF::Hdmx(3)	       User Contributed Perl Documentation	       Font::TTF::Hdmx(3)

       Font::TTF::Hdmx - Horizontal device metrics

       The table consists of an hash of device metric tables indexed by the ppem for that
       subtable. Each subtable consists of an array of advance widths in pixels for each glyph at
       that ppem (horizontally).

       Individual metrics are accessed using the following referencing:


       In addition there is one instance variable:

       Num Number of device tables.

       Reads the table into data structures

       Outputs the device metrics for this font

       For each subtable it calls &sub($ref, $ppem)

   $t->XML_element($context, $depth, $key, $value)
       Outputs device metrics a little more tidily

       None known

       Martin Hosken Martin_Hosken@sil.org. See Font::TTF::Font for copyright and licensing.

perl v5.16.3				    2012-02-23			       Font::TTF::Hdmx(3)
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