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OLDFIND(1)									       OLDFIND(1)

       oldfind - search for files in a directory hierarchy

       oldfind [-H] [-L] [-P] [-D debugopts] [-Olevel] [path...] [expression]

       The  oldfind  and  find	programs are functionally identical.  The only difference between
       them is the implementation internals of how  the  filesystem  is  searched.   The  oldfind
       binary  has  a recursive implementation while find uses fts(3).	The fts-based implementa-
       tion will replace the recursive implementation but for the moment both implementations are

       The  implementation which is installed as find on this system is the fts-based implementa-
       tion, since the --without-fts option was not passed to the configure script when findutils
       was built.

       find(1), fts(3), Finding Files (on-line in Info, or printed).

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