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CentOS 7.0 - man page for xtownselection (centos section 3)

XtOwnSelection(3)			   XT FUNCTIONS 			XtOwnSelection(3)

       XtOwnSelection, XtOwnSelectionIncremental, XtDisownSelection - set selection owner

       Boolean XtOwnSelection(Widget w, Atom selection, Time time, XtConvertSelectionProc con-
	      vert_proc, XtLoseSelectionProc lose_selection, XtSelectionDoneProc done_proc);

       Boolean XtOwnSelectionIncremental(Widget w, Atom selection, Time time, XtConvertSelection-
	      IncrProc convert_callback, XtLoseSelectionIncrProc lose_callback, XtSelection-
	      DoneIncrProc done_callback, XtCancelConvertSelectionProc cancel_callback, XtPointer

       void XtDisownSelection(Widget w, Atom selection, Time time);

		 Specifies the procedure that is to be called whenever someone requests the cur-
		 rent value of the selection.

       done_proc Specifies the procedure that is called after the requestor has received the
		 selection or NULL if the owner is not interested in being called back.

		 Specifies the procedure that is to be called whenever the widget has lost selec-
		 tion ownership or NULL if the owner is not interested in being called back.

       selection Specifies an atom that describes the type of the selection (for example, XA_PRI-

       time	 Specifies the timestamp that indicates when the selection ownership should com-
		 mence or is to be relinquished.

       w	 Specifies the widget that wishes to become the owner or to relinquish ownership.

       The XtOwnSelection function informs the Intrinsics selection mechanism that a widget
       believes it owns a selection.  It returns True if the widget has successfully become the
       owner and False otherwise.  The widget may fail to become the owner if some other widget
       has asserted ownership at a time later than this widget.  Note that widgets can lose
       selection ownership either because someone else asserted later ownership of the selection
       or because the widget voluntarily gave up ownership of the selection.  Also note that the
       lose_selection procedure is not called if the widget fails to obtain selection ownership
       in the first place.

       The XtOwnSelectionIncremental procedure informs the Intrinsics incremental selection mech-
       anism that the specified widget wishes to own the selection. It returns True if the speci-
       fied widget successfully becomes the selection owner or False otherwise. For more informa-
       tion about selection, target, and time, see Section 2.6 of the Inter-Client Communication
       Conventions Manual.

       A widget that becomes the selection owner using XtOwnSelectionIncremental may use
       XtDisownSelection to relinquish selection ownership.

       The XtDisownSelection function informs the Intrinsics selection mechanism that the speci-
       fied widget is to lose ownership of the selection.  If the widget does not currently own
       the selection either because it lost the selection or because it never had the selection
       to begin with, XtDisownSelection does nothing.

       After a widget has called XtDisownSelection, its convert procedure is not called even if a
       request arrives later with a timestamp during the period that this widget owned the selec-
       tion.  However, its done procedure will be called if a conversion that started before the
       call to XtDisownSelection finishes after the call to XtDisownSelection.

       XtAppGetSelectionTimeout(3), XtGetSelectionValue(3)
       X Toolkit Intrinsics - C Language Interface
       Xlib - C Language X Interface

X Version 11				   libXt 1.1.4				XtOwnSelection(3)

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