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       ld.hugetlbfs - link a program for huge pages

       ld.hugetlbfs [options]

       ld.hugetlbfs  replaces the normal ld command for linking programs to use hugepages.  Under
       gcc, you should use the option -B /usr/share/libhugetlbfs which tells gcc  to  look  in	a
       non-standard  location  for the linker.	This could be set in the CFLAGS environment vari-


	      This method of linking an  application  permits  greater	flexibility  at  runtime.
	      Using  HUGETLB_ELFMAP,  it is possible to control which program segments are placed
	      in hugepages.  The following four settings will cause the indicated segments to  be
	      placed in hugepages:

		      HUGETLB_ELFMAP=R	      Read-only segments (text)
		      HUGETLB_ELFMAP=W	      Writable segments (data/BSS)
		      HUGETLB_ELFMAP=RW       All segments (text/data/BSS)
		      HUGETLB_ELFMAP=no       No segments

	      It  is  possible to select specific huge page sizes for read-only and writable seg-
	      ments by using the following advanced syntax:



	      Under binutils 2.16 or older, this option will link the application  to  store  BSS
	      data (only) into hugepages.


	      Under  binutils 2.16 or older, this option will link the application to store text,
	      initialized data and BSS data into hugepages.


       libhugetlbfs(7), hugectl(8), hugeedit(8)

       libhugetlbfs was written by various people on the libhugetlbfs-devel mailing list.

					  March 12, 2012			  LD.HUGETLBFS(1)
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