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MMROFF(1)										MMROFF(1)

       mmroff - cross reference preprocessor

       mmroff [ -x ] groff_arguments

       mmroff  is  a  simple preprocessor for groff, it is used for expanding cross references in
       mm, see groff_mm(7).  groff is executed twice, first with -z and -rRef=1  to  collect  all
       cross references and then to do the real processing when the cross reference file is up to

       -x     Just create the cross reference file.  This can be used to refresh the cross refer-
	      ence  file,  it  isn't always needed to have accurate cross references and by using
	      this option groff will only be run once.

       Jorgen Hagg, Lund, Sweden <jh@axis.se>.





       groff_mm(7), groff_mmse(7), groff(1), troff(1), tbl(1), pic(1), eqn(1)

Groff Version 1.22.2			   9 June 2014					MMROFF(1)
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