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XDELTA3(1)									       XDELTA3(1)

       xdelta3 - VCDIFF (RFC 3284) binary diff tool

       xdelta3 [command] [options] [input [output]]

       xdelta3 is a binary diff tool that uses the VCDIFF (RFC 3284) format and compression.

       config prints xdelta3 configuration

       decode decompress the input, also set by -d

       encode compress the input, also set by -e (default)

       test   run the builtin tests

	      print information about the entire delta

	      print information about the first window

	      print information about all windows

       recode encode with new application/secondary settings

       standard options:

       -0 .. -9
	      compression level

       -c     use stdout

       -d     decompress

       -e     compress

       -f     force overwrite

       -F     force the external-compression subprocess

       -h     show help

       -q     be quiet

       -v     be verbose (max 2)

       -V     show version

       memory options:

       -B     bytes source window size

       -W     bytes input window size

       -P     size compression duplicates window

       -I     size instruction buffer size (0 = unlimited)

       compression options:

       -s     source source file to copy from (if any)

       -S [djw|fgk]
	      enable/disable secondary compression

       -N     disable small string-matching compression

       -D     disable external decompression (encode/decode)

       -R     disable external recompression (decode)

       -n     disable checksum (encode/decode)

       -C     soft config (encode, undocumented)

       -A [apphead]
	      disable/provide application header (encode)

       -J     disable output (check/compute only)

       -T     use alternate code table (test)

       -m     arguments for "merge"

       The XDELTA environment variable may contain extra args:

	      XDELTA="-s source-x.y.tar.gz" \
	      tar --use-compress-program=xdelta3 -cf \
	      target-x.z.tar.gz.vcdiff target-x.y/

       Compress  the  differences  between SOURCE and TARGET, yielding OUT, using "djw" secondary

       xdelta3 -S djw -s SOURCE TARGET OUT

       Do the same, using standard input and output:

       xdelta3 -S djw -s SOURCE < TARGET > OUT

       To decompress OUT, using SOURCE, yielding TARGET:

       xdelta3 -d -s SOURCE OUT TARGET

       xdelta3 was written by Josh MacDonald <josh.macdonald@gmail.com>.

       This manual page was written by Leo 'costela' Antunes <costela@debian.org> for the  Debian
       project (but may be used by others).

Xdelta3 				   August 2013				       XDELTA3(1)
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