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CentOS 7.0 - man page for ipa-server-install (centos section 1)

ipa-server-install(1)			 IPA Manual Pages		    ipa-server-install(1)

       ipa-server-install - Configure an IPA server

       ipa-server-install [OPTION]...

       Configures  the	services needed by an IPA server. This includes setting up a Kerberos Key
       Distribution Center (KDC) and a Kadmin daemon with an LDAP back-end,  configuring  Apache,
       configuring  NTP  and  optionally  configuring  and starting an LDAP-backed DNS server. By
       default a dogtag-based CA will be configured to issue server certificates.

       -r REALM_NAME, --realm=REALM_NAME
	      The Kerberos realm name for the IPA server. You will  not  be  able  to  estabilish
	      trust with Active Directory unless the realm name is uppercased domain name.

       -n DOMAIN_NAME, --domain=DOMAIN_NAME
	      Your DNS domain name

       -p DM_PASSWORD, --ds-password=DM_PASSWORD
	      The password to be used by the Directory Server for the Directory Manager user

       -P MASTER_PASSWORD, --master-password=MASTER_PASSWORD
	      The kerberos master password (normally autogenerated)

       -a ADMIN_PASSWORD, --admin-password=ADMIN_PASSWORD
	      The password for the IPA admin user

	      Create home directories for users on their first login

	      The  fully-qualified DNS name of this server. If the hostname does not match system
	      hostname, the system hostname will be updated accordingly to prevent service  fail-

	      The  IP address of this server. If this address does not match the address the host
	      resolves to and --setup-dns is not selected the  installation  will  fail.  If  the
	      server  hostname	is  not  resolvable,  a record for the hostname and IP_ADDRESS is
	      added to /etc/hosts.

       -N, --no-ntp
	      Do not configure NTP

	      The starting user and group id number (default random)

	      The maximum user and group id number (default: idstart+199999). If set to zero, the
	      default value will be used.

	      Don't install allow_all HBAC rule. This rule lets any user from any host access any
	      service on any other host. It is expected that users will remove this  rule  before
	      moving to production.

	      Do not automatically redirect to the Web UI.

	      Configure OpenSSH client to trust DNS SSHFP records.

	      Do not configure OpenSSH client.

	      Do not configure OpenSSH server.

       -d, --debug
	      Enable debug logging when more verbose output is needed

       -U, --unattended
	      An unattended installation that will never prompt for user input

	      Generate a CSR to be signed by an external CA

	      PEM  file  containing  a	certificate signed by the external CA. Must be given with

	      PEM file containing the external CA chain

	      PKCS#12 file containing the Directory Server SSL Certificate

	      PKCS#12 file containing the Apache Server SSL Certificate

	      The password of the Directory Server PKCS#12 file

	      The password of the Apache Server PKCS#12 file

	      The certificate subject base (default O=REALM.NAME)

	      Generate a DNS zone if it does not exist already	and  configure	the  DNS  server.
	      This option requires that you either specify at least one DNS forwarder through the
	      --forwarder option or use the --no-forwarders option.

	      Note that you can set up a DNS at any time after the initial IPA server install  by
	      running ipa-dns-install (see ipa-dns-install(1)).

	      Add  a  DNS  forwarder  to  the DNS configuration. You can use this option multiple
	      times to specify more forwarders, but at least one must  be  provided,  unless  the
	      --no-forwarders option is specified.

	      Do not add any DNS forwarders. Root DNS servers will be used instead.

	      The reverse DNS zone to use

	      Do not create reverse DNS zone

	      The e-mail address of the DNS zone manager. Defaults to hostmaster@DOMAIN

	      Do not use DNS for hostname lookup during installation

	      Do not automatically create DNS SSHFP records.

	      Uninstall an existing IPA installation

       -U, --unattended
	      An unattended uninstallation that will never prompt for user input

       0 if the (un)installation was successful

       1 if an error occurred


IPA					   Jun 28 2012			    ipa-server-install(1)

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