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CMAP_INITIALIZE(3)	   Corosync Cluster Engine Programmer's Manual	       CMAP_INITIALIZE(3)

       cmap_initialize - Initialize CMAP API

       #include <corosync/cmap.h>

       cs_error_t cmap_initialize (cmap_handle_t *handle);

       The  cmap_initialize  function is used to initialize a connection to the Configuration Map
       API. Each application may have several connections to the  CMAP	API.   Each   application
       uses the handle argument to uniquely identify the connection.  The handle argument is then
       used in other function calls to identify the connection to be used for communication  with
       the CMAP service.

       This call returns the CS_OK value if successful, otherwise an error is returned.

       cmap_finalize(3), cmap_overview(8)

       CS_ERR_TRY_AGAIN Resource temporarily unavailable

       CS_ERR_INVALID_PARAM Invalid argument

       CS_ERR_ACCESS Permission denied

       CS_ERR_LIBRARY The connection failed

       CS_ERR_INTERRUPT System call inturrupted by a signal

       CS_ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED The requested protocol/functuality not supported

       CS_ERR_MESSAGE_ERROR Incorrect auth message received

       CS_ERR_NO_MEMORY Not enough memory to completed the requested task

corosync Man Page			    20/01/2012			       CMAP_INITIALIZE(3)
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