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CentOS 7.0 - man page for gresource (centos section 1)

GRESOURCE(1)							   User Commands						      GRESOURCE(1)

gresource - GResource tool
gresource [--section SECTION] list FILE [PATH] gresource [--section SECTION] details FILE [PATH] gresource [--section SECTION] extract FILE PATH gresource sections FILE gresource help [COMMAND]
gresource offers a simple commandline interface to GResource. It lets you list and extract resources that have been compiled into a resource file or included in an elf file (a binary or a shared library). The file to operate on is specified by the FILE argument. If an elf file includes multiple sections with resources, it is possible to select which one to operate on with the --section option. Use the sections command to find available sections.
list Lists resources. If SECTION is given, only list resourcs in this section. If PATH is given, only list matching resources. details Lists resources with details. If SECTION is given, only list resources in this section. If PATH is given, only list matching resources. Details include the section, size and compression of each resource. extract Extracts the resource named by PATH to stdout. Note that resources may contain binary data. sections Lists sections containing resources. This is only interesting if FILE is an elf file. help Prints help and exits.