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CentOS 7.0 - man page for xmstringcreateltor (centos section 3)

XmStringCreateLtoR(library call)				 XmStringCreateLtoR(library call)

       XmStringCreateLtoR -- A compound string function that creates a compound string

       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       XmString XmStringCreateLtoR(
       char *text,
       char *tag);

       This  function  is  obsolete  and  exists  for compatibility with previous releases. It is
       replaced by XmStringGenerate.  XmStringCreateLtoR creates a compound string with two  com-
       ponents:  text  and  a  tag component.  This function scans for \n characters in the text.
       When one is found, the text up to that point is put into a segment followed by a separator
       component.  No  final  separator  component is appended to the end of the compound string.
       The direction component defaults to left-to-right.  This function assumes that the  encod-
       ing is single byte rather than multibyte.

       The function will allocate space to hold the returned compound string.  The application is
       responsible for managing the allocated space.  The application can recover  the	allocated
       space by calling XmStringFree.

       text	 Specifies  a NULL-terminated string to be used as the text component of the com-
		 pound string.

       tag	 Specifies the tag component to be associated with  the  given	text.  The  value
		 XmFONTLIST_DEFAULT_TAG is retained for compatibility with previous releases.

       Returns a new compound string.

       XmStringCreate(3) and XmStringGenerate(3).

								 XmStringCreateLtoR(library call)

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