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MC-WAIT-FOR-NAME(1)			    Utilities			      MC-WAIT-FOR-NAME(1)

       mc-wait-for-name - run until a D-Bus name appears on the session bus

       mc-wait-for-name WELL-KNOWN-NAME

       [D-BUS Service]
       Exec=/usr/bin/mc-wait-for-name org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Client.Something

       mc-wait-for-name  runs until a bus name appears, then exits successfully. This can be used
       as a service-activation helper for a bus name that is not directly activatable,	but  will
       be provided automatically (after a while) by the desktop session.

       0      The bus name eventually appeared.

       64 (EX_USAGE)
	      Invocation  error  (too  many or too few arguments, or the bus name given was not a
	      syntactically valid well-known bus name).

       69 (EX_UNAVAILABLE)
	      mc-wait-for-name was unable to connect to the session bus.

       75 (EX_TEMPFAIL)
	      The name did not appear within a reasonable time.

       There are no additional command-line options.

       The "reasonable time" to wait is currently hard-coded.

Telepathy				    July 2009			      MC-WAIT-FOR-NAME(1)
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