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CentOS 7.0 - man page for spi_fnumber (centos section 3)

SPI_FNUMBER(3)						  PostgreSQL 9.2.7 Documentation					    SPI_FNUMBER(3)

SPI_fnumber - determine the column number for the specified column name
int SPI_fnumber(TupleDesc rowdesc, const char * colname)
SPI_fnumber returns the column number for the column with the specified name. If colname refers to a system column (e.g., oid) then the appropriate negative column number will be returned. The caller should be careful to test the return value for exact equality to SPI_ERROR_NOATTRIBUTE to detect an error; testing the result for less than or equal to 0 is not correct unless system columns should be rejected.
TupleDesc rowdesc input row description const char * colname column name
Column number (count starts at 1), or SPI_ERROR_NOATTRIBUTE if the named column was not found. PostgreSQL 9.2.7 2014-02-17 SPI_FNUMBER(3)