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XmStringTableToXmString(library call)			    XmStringTableToXmString(library call)

       XmStringTableToXmString -- A convenience function that converts a compound string table to
       a single compound string

       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       XmString XmStringTableToXmString(
       XmStringTable table,
       Cardinal count,
       XmString break_component);

       XmStringTableToXmString takes as input table of compound strings and  a	specified  string
       component  (such  as a tab) and returns a single compound string consisting of each of the
       elements of table concatenated together with a single  copy  of	break_component  inserted
       between each element.

       table	 Specifies an XmStringTable containing the compound strings to be converted.

       count	 Specifies the number of compound strings in table.

		 Specifies  the XmStringComponent that will be inserted in the result to separate
		 the individual elements of table. The most useful types will be  XmSTRING_COMPO-
		 NENT_SEPARATOR  and  XmSTRING_COMPONENT_TAB.	Refer  to  the XmStringComponent-
		 Type(3) reference page for a complete list of possible  component  types.  Note,
		 however, that the XmSTRING_COMPONENT_UNKNOWN component is not a possible type.

       Returns	a  new	XmString.  The function will allocate space to hold the returned compound
       string.	When the application no longer needs the returned compound string,  the  applica-
       tion should call XmStringFree.

       XmString(3), XmStringComponentType(3), and XmStringFree(3).

							    XmStringTableToXmString(library call)
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